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Slumber Parties: Services



Holla Llama

Superhero Slumber

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Blue Skies

Into the Woods

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UD 14.jpg

Unicorn Dreams

Gamer Night

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lol Surprise

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Date Night

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Slumber Parties: Rentals


What’s included:

Packages will include (depending on number of guests) - White Double Tents, mattresses, sheets, light blankets, pillows, cushions, breakfast tables, lanterns, rugs, lights, banners, birthday signs, and different décor depending on the theme of choice.

Please keep in mind our slumber party packages are designed per person and each tent sleeps two people.

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All the bedding is laundered after each hire using sensitive washing liquid to ensure package is sanitary and in tip top condition for the next group of campers! Tents and decorative items are always steam cleaned and disinfected. All frames are inspected before each party to ensure safety.

Slumber Parties: Rentals
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